Cessna F172M Skyhawk, G-BCOL, 5 July 2012

Cessna F172M Skyhawk, G-BCOL


The pilot reported fine, calm conditions for takeoff, with a temperature of 20°C. Runway 24 was in use, a grass runway 553 m long with a takeoff run available of 490 m. The runway has an upward slope with an overall gradient of 1.9%. The grass was reported to be damp.

The aircraft had just undergone routine annual maintenance. The pilot carried out a thorough pre-flight check, including fuel tests, and determined that the fuel tanks were approximately three-quarters full. Pre-takeoff power checks were satisfactory and the pilot prepared for a short field takeoff, using 10° flaps.

The pilot felt that the aircraft was not accelerating as he was used to, but attributed this to the grass surface. He attempted to rotate the aircraft but it did not become airborne. It overran the runway and passed through a hedge before turning over and coming to rest inverted. The pilot secured the aircraft and followed his passenger out of the aircraft through the right entry door.

The pilot thought that the aircraft had failed to gain sufficient speed for takeoff. He attributed this to a combination of the damp grass, uphill runway slope and the possibility of a light tailwind component.

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