Cessna F150L, G-BABB, 19 July 2006

Cessna F150L, G-BABB


The student, who was training at Southend Airport towards the issue of a Private Pilot’s Licence, was on his second solo flight. Having established the aircraft on final approach, the student was instructed to go around so that a faster aircraft approaching to land behind his aircraft would not catch up with it. Both the controller’s instruction and the student pilot’s acknowledgement involved non-standard RTF phrases. In order to avoid any possibility of conflict between the two aircraft the student was then instructed to turn away from the final approach track. During this manoeuvre, the student flew level at low altitude and it is likely that the aircraft remained in the approach configuration with insufficient power applied to maintain flying speed. In level flight, the aircraft stalled at a height from which recovery was impossible and it struck the ground in a public park approximately 1 nm from the airport. The student pilot was fatally injured. Four safety recommendations were made.

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Published 10 December 2014