Cessna 421C Golden Eagle, N421CA, 30 September 2005

Cessna 421C Golden Eagle, N421CA


After landing on the short, wet, grass runway at Northrepps (Cromer) Airfield, with a tailwind, the aircraft over-ran the end of the runway and collided with an earth bank. There was no evidence regarding the point of touchdown or the associated speed; it is therefore not possible to say with any certainty whether the failure to stop was the result of an imperfectly executed landing or the lack of braking effect on the short, wet grass. Prior to the flight, the pilot had not used the aircraft flight manual to calculate his landing performance. Given the wind and the surface conditions at Northrepps at the time of the intended operation, performance calculations showed that a landing could only be made safely if the precise landing parameters were achieved and adequate braking was available.

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Published 10 December 2014