Cessna 310, N310QQ, 15 June 2004

Cessna 310, N310QQ


A normal approach to Runway 26 was carried out with a wind of 6 kt. from 330°. The three green landing gear ‘Down and Locked’ indicator lights were illuminated and approximately 2 miles from touchdown full flap was selected and visually confirmed. The touchdown was smooth but during the landing run the ‘Gear Unsafe’ warning horn sounded. The pilot looked down and noticed that the left main landing gear ‘Down and Locked’ green indicator light had extinguished and the red ‘Gear Unsafe’ indicator light had illuminated. Both the right main and nose landing gear ‘Down and Locked’ green indicator lights were illuminated. The left main landing gear collapsed and the aircraft slewed to the left before coming to rest. The pilot carried out the emergency shutdown drills and the aircraft was vacated without injury. The left landing gear was examined by a metallurgist who found that all the failures were caused by a one time overload force with no evidence of fatigue, corrosion or manufacturing defect. The pilot/owner assessed that a possible cause may have been that the left main landing gear was slightly out-of-rig which allowed the side brace to unlock when running over a bump in the runway.

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Published 10 December 2014