Cessna 182N Skylane, G-AXZU, 4 September 2010

Cessna 182N Skylane, G-AXZU


During the course of the day the pilot carried out three uneventful flights, each time landing on Runway 05 with about an 8 kt direct crosswind from the right. During the fourth flight he returned to the airfield and flew an approach to Runway 05 with a similar crosswind. The aircraft touched down normally and then after a very short time it began to slew towards the left. The pilot applied right rudder pedal and into-wind aileron to regain the runway centreline, but the aircraft continued to slew to the left, ran through a wire fence, and hit a bush and vertical metal pole with its left wing before coming to rest. The pilot shut down the engine and vacated the aircraft unassisted via the right door. The pilot could not explain why the aircraft had veered off the runway. The aircraft was examined by an insurance loss adjustor who did not find any faults with the rudder system, nosewheel steering system, braking system or the tyres.

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Published 10 December 2014