Cessna 182, D-ERKX, 30 July 2011

Cessna 182, D-ERKX


The aircraft had completed a local sightseeing trip in good weather conditions and was positioned to land on grass Runway 25 at Lands End, Cornwall. The wind was reported as being from 260º at 8 kt. The aircraft touched down on a small hump in the runway and bounced back into the air. The pilot was unable to prevent the nose from dropping and the aircraft landed heavily on its nosewheel, which collapsed. The aircraft came to a halt on the centreline of the runway and the pilot and his passenger, who were uninjured, vacated the aircraft normally. The pilot assessed his approach as slightly too fast, which, with the aircraft being light and there being an upslope in the area of his touchdown, contributed to a high bounce on initial touchdown. He considered that the accident could have been avoided if he had initiated a go-around, either from the fast approach or after the aircraft bounced.

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