Cessna 180, G-BEOD, 18 November 2012

Cessna 180, G-BEOD


The aircraft was taking off from Runway 03 at Lydd Airport to practise circuits; the wind direction was reported as 090º at a speed of about 4 kt. The pilot reports that he started the takeoff run with the first stage of flap selected and, as the tail lifted and full power was applied, he applied right rudder to counteract the engine torque. At an indicated 60 mph the aircraft lifted off with the end of the runway coming into sight. However, the aircraft suddenly veered to the left and, in trying to correct with right rudder and aileron, the pilot was unable to prevent the right wingtip from striking the ground. The aircraft came to a halt with the right main landing gear strut detached and further damage to the right wingtip, tailplane and propeller.

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Cessna 180, G-BEOD 5-2013.pdf (167.64 kb)

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