Cessna 152, G-BWEV, 2 May 2007

Cessna 152, G-BWEV


Prior to the accident flight to Shoreham, G-BWEV flew for one hour, with another pilot, with 80 litres of fuel loaded initially. After landing it was not refuelled. The pilot of the accident flight dipped the aircraft’s fuel tanks and measured 70 litres prior to departure. The flight to Shoreham lasted 55 minutes. Before departing Shoreham the pilot dipped the fuel tanks again and measured 50 litres. Using a fuel burn rate of 25 litres/hr, he estimated he had 2 hrs endurance for the 1 hr flight. After 55 minutes the aircraft’s engine started to falter before eventually stopping. The pilot subsequently carried out a forced landing in a field. The aircraft came to rest in a hedge sustaining damage to its wing leading edges, propeller and left door; the pilot was uninjured. The aircraft had run out of fuel. The fuel tanks were drained at the accident site. No fuel was recovered from the right tank and 10 litres was recovered from the left tank. While the pilot accepts that he ran out of fuel, he does not believe he incorrectly measured the fuel quantity twice.

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Published 10 December 2014