Cessna 152, G-BRNK, 7 August 2008

Cessna 152, G-BRNK


The aircraft was on an instructional flight from Netherthorpe Airfield. It was the sixth flight of the day for the commander, his third in G BRNK. Operations were on Runway 06, which has a grass surface and a declared Landing Distance Available of 407 metres, with a 1.9% downslope. The grass had been mown during the afternoon, prior to the accident. The commander described the runway surface as firm. A rain squall crossed the airfield while the commander was away from the circuit on his flight prior to the accident flight. He landed normally off this flight on the short wet grass of Runway 06, using an estimated 80% of the runway length to stop. He then took off for a one hour flight with a student, without refuelling. When they returned to the airfield, a further rain shower was passing through and the commander loitered to the west for 10 minutes to allow the rain to pass and for visibility to improve. He then made a short-field approach, using full flap and reducing airspeed to 55 kt at the airfield boundary, anticipating that the short wet grass would provide reduced braking action. The wind was estimated at 5 10 kt from 100°(M) and the ambient temperature was 20°C. The aircraft’s fuel tanks were somewhat below half full. The approach and landing were reportedly normal, with the aircraft touching down at the start of the runway. It decelerated during the first half of the ground roll but the deceleration then became minimal and the aircraft ran off the end of the runway at around 10 15 mph, before striking a wire boundary fence. The commander suggested that the major loss of braking effectiveness was attributable to the wet grass clippings remaining on the runway surface.

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Published 10 December 2014