Cessna 152, G-BOIR, 5 April 2011

Cessna 152, G-BOIR


After satisfactorily flying two circuits on Runway 23 with an instructor, the student pilot was released to continue with a solo circuit consolidation exercise. During the landing flare of the first circuit, the aircraft appeared to experience a gust of wind, which caused it to rise a few feet. The aircraft then contacted the runway nosewheel first and bounced, before touching down again on the nosewheel, causing the nose leg to collapse. The student pilot was uninjured and able to vacate the aircraft unaided. The wind was forecast to be from 220° at 15 kt with gusts to 25 kt. The actual wind at the time was reported to be from 220° at 18 kt. The student pilot reported that the wind had become noticeably stronger and gustier during his solo circuit.

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Published 10 December 2014