Cessna 152 G-BGIB, 9 October 2005

Cessna 152, G-BGIB


The flight was planned as a practice ‘forced landing without power’ exercise. At 2,000 ft engine power was reduced to idle and carburettor heat was selected to ‘HOT’ where it remained. During the descent the power was increased on two occasions to warm the engine. At 800 ft the instructor asked the student to initiate a full power climb, however the engine did not respond. The instructor took control and carried out a forced landing. Following a ground roll of approximately 200m on sloping ground, the instructor applied heavy braking as he considered the aircraft was not going to stop and the aircraft tipped onto its nose. Both occupants exited the aircraft without injury via the doors. Subsequent on-site examination revealed that the flexible hose supplying hot air to the carburettor air box had a split extending approximately two-thirds of the way round its circumference. The weather conditions were conducive to carburettor icing. The presence of a split in the hose supplying hot air could have allowed colder air from around the engine bay into the carburettor, making carburettor ice build-up more likely, despite the selection of hot air.

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Published 10 December 2014