Cessna 150M, G-BPAB, 29 January 2002

Cessna 150M, G-BPAB


The aircraft was returning to Runway 27 at Rayne Hall Farm after a 20 minute local flight. The wind, estimated from a new windsock, was 230°/12-15 kt, giving light to moderate turbulence. The visibility was greater than 10 km below a 3,000 feet cloudbase. The grass runway had been softened by long periods of heavy rain. The approach was flown with 30 degrees of flap set and slightly faster than normal. The pilot reported that a late flare resulted in a faster than intended touchdown in an almost level attitude. During the rollout the nose landing gear progressively collapsed when the aircraft’s groundspeed was 40 - 50 kt. The propeller struck the runway surface and the aircraft came to a halt on the centreline, resting on its mainwheels and the underside of the engine cowling. There were no injuries.

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Published 10 December 2014