Cessna 150H, G-BRJT, 7 May 2013

Cessna 150H, G-BRJT


The aircraft was landing at Welshpool following a flight from Haverfordwest. The weather was fine, with a forecast surface wind from 150° at 10 kt, although the pilot reported the actual wind direction as varying between 150° and 210°. On approach to Runway 22 (a 1,020 m asphalt runway, with 879 m landing distance available), the pilot was informed by the Air/Ground radio operator that the wind was variable. The pilot elected to fly the approach and landing with two stages of flaps lowered, at a speed of 60 kt IAS.

Shortly after flaring the aircraft for landing, the pilot felt it drift to the right, downwind. The stall warning horn sounded at the same time as the pilot made a decision to go-around because of the excessive drift. He applied full power but, at about the same time, the aircraft’s tail struck a runway light. The aircraft became airborne for two or three seconds, before the right hand elevator struck a fence post and the aircraft sank to the ground. The pilot was able to steer back towards the runway and bring the aircraft to a stop. Both the pilot and his passenger were uninjured.

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Published 10 December 2014