CEA DR300/180R, G-BVYG, 31 May 2009

CEA DR300/180R, G-BVYG


After taking off from the Ulster Gliding club, with a glider in tow, the right main wheel was seen by the glider pilot to fall from the aircraft. After climbing to the normal release height, the glider released from the tow rope and the aircraft flew to City of Derry airport; after discussion with ATC, a successful landing was made on the disused Runway 02. The main wheels on this aircraft are secured by a collar and tapered pin arrangement. A split pin is used to retain the tapered pin in position. None of these items were recovered. On 28 May 2009, the wheel was being replaced but the person completing the task was called away to another task for a considerable time. After the event, he did not have a clear recollection of the reassembly process, and it was considered that the loss of the main wheel could have resulted from its incorrect/incomplete re-fitting, due to this distraction.

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Published 10 December 2014