Casa 1-131E Series 2000 Jungmann, G-RETA, 3 July 2011

Casa 1-131E Series 2000 Jungmann, G-RETA


The pilot was practicing an aerobatic routine and was performing a stall turn to the left when the engine stopped. The aircraft was beyond gliding range of an airfield and after confirming correct cockpit selections, the pilot unsuccessfully attempted to restart the engine by diving and yawing the aircraft. The aircraft overturned during the subsequent forced landing. The pilot was uninjured and able to vacate the aircraft unaided. He reported that the engine had stopped due to the limited negative g capability of the carburettor and that a restart was not possible as the aircraft was not fitted with a starter and the coarse pitch of the propeller did not allow it to windmill.

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Published 10 December 2014