CAP 10B, G-CPXC, 28 August 2009



The aircraft was on a dual instructional sortie and had been landed by the student on Runway 24. The instructor stated that the student was having difficulty in the gusty conditions (reported surface wind 260° at 15 kt, gusting to 25 kt) so he took control to stabilise the aircraft during the landing roll. Retaining control, he slowed the aircraft to taxi speed and turned about 45° to the right but, with taxi power applied, the tail suddenly lifted. Fearing that the propeller was about to strike the ground, he reduced power and the tail dropped heavily, breaking the tailwheel mounting and causing damage to the bottom of the rudder. The instructor could only surmise that the aircraft had caught a “freak” gust. Although he believed he had been holding the control column aft at the time, he concedes that it may not have been fully back.

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Published 10 December 2014