AAIB investigation to CAP 10B, G-BKCX

Bird strike and forced landing, private airstrip near Swansea, 16 March 2014.


The aircraft was on final to land at a private grass airstrip when it encountered a flock of geese and suffered several bird strikes. There was severe engine vibration and evidence of other damage to the airframe. The pilot selected a field adjacent to the intended landing strip and carried out a forced landing. The aircraft landed tailwheel first, followed by the mainwheels, which rolled for a short distance before digging in to the soft surface. This caused the aircraft to pitch nose-down and invert.

The pilot considered that he avoided serious injury by the use of his five-point safety harness. He released it and escaped from the aircraft by breaking the canopy and pulling himself out. He telephoned the emergency services and was later taken to hospital with head and neck injuries.

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CAP 10B G-BKCX 07-14.pdf (132.82 kb)

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Published 10 December 2014