Cameron A-250, G-BWKX, 5 September 2004

Cameron A-250, G-BWKX


A Cameron balloon with a pilot and nine passengers was carrying out a one hour pleasure flight from Hickstead Showground across the Sussex countryside. After some 45 minutes the pilot looked for a place to land and identified a site surrounded by trees. He had been monitoring the wind speed on his GPS navigation system, which had risen to approximately 16 kt and elected to continue flying and find a more suitable landing site for the wind conditions. An open area of fields was located and a shallow approach was made as normal. The balloon touched down positively and rose back into the air touching down again on the other side of a fence. The balloon basket fell onto its side and was dragged for about 30 metres before stopping. During the first touch down one of the passengers injured her legs and was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

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Published 10 December 2014