Bucker BU133 Jungmeister, G-BVXJ, 7 March 2010

Bucker BU133 Jungmeister, G-BVXJ


The aircraft had completed three flights earlier in the day, and prior to each flight the engine had been difficult to start, requiring several swings of the propeller. For the final flight of the day the aircraft was positioned on an area of level tarmac and the brakes applied. The pilot was in the cockpit and the aircraft’s owner stood in front of the aircraft to swing the propeller. As the owner swung the propeller the engine started immediately. The propeller struck his left and severed two of his fingers. The pilot commented that their general expectation that the engine would be difficult to start, and would need several swings, probably contributed to the incident. They were both taken by surprise when the engine suddenly started on the first attempt.

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Published 10 December 2014