Britten-Norman BN2A-26 Islander, VP-MON, 22 May 2011

Britten-Norman BN2A-26, Islander, VP-MON


The aircraft skidded after the pilot applied the brakes while landing on Runway 28 at Montserrat. As a result the pilot performed a touch-and-go and positioned for another approach to Runway 28. On landing after the second approach the aircraft skidded again when brakes were applied, and the pilot continued with the landing roll. However, believing there was insufficient runway remaining in which to stop the aircraft the pilot steered it onto a grass verge in an attempt to stop it before the end of the prepared surface. The aircraft came to rest beside the runway 46 m from its end. There were no injuries to the passengers and no damage to the aircraft. This was the pilot’s first landing on Runway 28. No faults with the aircraft’s brakes or braking system were found and there was no evidence that the aircraft had hydroplaned. An accurate runway friction assessment could not be obtained, but there had not been any pilot reports of poor friction prior to or after the incident. It was probable that a tailwind and/or a high touchdown airspeed caused the runway excursion. Issues identified by the investigation were pilot training, wind measurements, the aerodrome’s weather limits, the APAPI approach angle, obstructions on the approach and the runway environment.

The AAIB published Special Bulletin (S2-2011) on 21 July 2011 concerning the VP-MON incident in which three Safety Recommendations were made. Three further Safety Recommendations are made in this final report.

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Published 10 December 2014