Bombardier DHC-8-102, SX-BIO, 24 April 2010

Bombardier DHC-8-102, SX-BIO


After a base maintenance check at Exeter the aircraft was flown uneventfully to East Midlands to be re-painted. During the return flight to Exeter the right engine suffered a significant oil leak and lost oil pressure, so the flight crew shut it down. Subsequently, the crew noticed the left engine also leaking oil, with a fluctuating oil pressure, so they initiated a diversion to Bristol, where they landed safely. The oil leaks were traced to damaged O-ring seals within the oil cooler fittings on both engines. Both oil coolers had been removed and refitted during the base maintenance check at Exeter. It was probably during re-installation that the O-ring seals were damaged. A number of factors led to this damage and to missed oil leak checks. Six Safety Recommendations are made.

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Published 10 December 2014