Bolkow BO 208C Junior, G-ATXZ, 16 February 2005

Bolkow BO 208C Junior, G-ATXZ


The pilot, occupying the left seat, was carrying out a series landings in order to familiarise himself with the aircraft. Accompanying him, at the request of the aircraft’s insurance company, was a passenger who was also a pilot and experienced on type. On the fourth approach, described as being higher than previous approaches, the aircraft encountered sink and landed nose wheel first. The nose landing gear collapsed and, after a ground slide of approximately 100 metres, the aircraft came to a stop with no injuries to either occupant. It is possible that the pilot felt he was ‘under supervision’ and that a lack of comment from the passenger during the final approach was tacit approval to continue to land. In reality the passenger was not a qualified instructor, had never landed the aircraft from the right seat and therefore was not appropriately qualified to intervene.

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Published 10 December 2014