Bolkow BO 208C Junior, G-ATRI, 14 February 2011

Bolkow BO 208C Junior, G-ATRI


During the takeoff run the aircraft accelerated normally up to an airspeed of 50 kt (the takeoff speed for this aircraft is 55 to 60 kt). The pilot reported that at this point the controls started to feel “dead” and he noticed that the ASI was now reading 40 kt, despite no apparent change in the aircraft’s groundspeed. He decided to abort the takeoff and braked hard; however the aircraft overran the 620 m long runway and entered a ploughed field. The nosewheel dug into the ground, causing the aircraft to nose over onto its back. Both the occupants exited the aircraft without injury. There was a heavy rain shower shortly afterwards and the pilot attributed the accident to a sudden change in the wind direction and strength, such that the initial slight headwind became a significant tailwind during the takeoff run.

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Published 10 December 2014