Boeing ST 75 Stearman, SE-BOG, 26 July 2009

Boeing ST 75 Stearman, SE-BOG


The aircraft was on an approach to Runway 24 at Edinburgh Airport. The surface wind was 160°/10 kt, the visibility was 10 km and there was overcast cloud at 1,500 ft. The aircraft made a “normal, gentle touchdown on the left hand main wheel” as was required in the crosswind. The pilot held the right main wheel and tail wheel off the ground, lowering them to the runway at approximately 40 kt. As the wheels touched the runway, the “aircraft executed a small swing to the right”. The pilot corrected the swing but almost immediately the aircraft “swung rapidly to the left”. The pilot was unable to prevent the swing with full right rudder and brake and the aircraft started to ground loop. During the turn, the right wingtip touched the ground and the right tyre burst before the aircraft came to a halt.

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Published 10 December 2014