Boeing 777-236, G-YMMP, 14 June 2010

Boeing 777-236, G-YMMP


On departure from Singapore International Airport to London a number of EICAS (Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System) messages were displayed for the right engine. During the climb the crew interrogated the system and established that the event had been transient and that it was safe to continue en route. During the flight there were further events associated with the right engine, showing increased fuel consumption and the crew elected to divert to Amsterdam, Netherlands, transmitting a PAN. After the aircraft landed safely it was found that the right aft inner nacelle was severely damaged and largely missing, with further minor airframe damage and this matched items of nacelle recovered from the runway at Singapore, but not yet identified. Examination indicated that the nacelle damage was due to thermal disbond originating from the HP3 duct area. There have been a number of separate but similar events in other airlines and the airframe manufacturer has issued a series of Service Bulletins to reduce the rate of occurrence.

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Published 10 December 2014