Boeing 777-21H, A6-EMF, 19 February 2005

Boeing 777-21H, A6-EMF


On takeoff, the outer skin of panel 427AL on the inboard side of the right engine pylon, separated, falling onto the runway. The part of the panel remaining on the aircraft exhibited signs of heat damage to its forward edge. There have been two other failures of a similar pylon panel 418AR, on the inboard side of the left engine pylon, one in 2003 and another more recently on 3 June 2005. These panels also showed evidence of heat damage at their forward edge. The aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, is examining the panel from the most recent event to try to determine the cause of the delamination. The operator has introduced a repetitive inspection of the pylon panels on this particular aircraft (A6-EMF), until the cause of the panel failures has been identified. The aircraft manufacturer is not aware of any reports of problems with these panels on any other Boeing 777 aircraft.

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Published 10 December 2014