Boeing 767, C-GEOU, 11 October 2006

Boeing 767, C-GEOU


After landing the aircraft was marshalled onto stand as no handling agent staff were present to switch on the stand guidance. Once on the stand the marshaller left the area without placing any chocks in front of the aircraft’s wheels. The parking brake was set and the aircraft was shutdown. After approximately 10 to 15 minutes the aircraft started to roll forward. The crew initially thought the pier was being moved into position. Realizing that the aircraft was moving forward the commander applied the toe brakes and noticed the parking brake T-handle was retracted. The aircraft came stopped just as the left engine had made contact with the pier. There was no abrupt stop and nothing was felt by the cabin crew or passengers. The aircraft had rolled forward 12 ft the aircraft’s before hitting the pier. The dent was found it to be seven inches across and approximately one inch deep. As a result the left engine nose cowl was changed before its next flight. The braking and hydraulic systems were also checked and found to be serviceable. The commander admitted that the cause of the accident was his failure to set the parking brake correctly.

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Published 10 December 2014