Boeing 767-304, G-OBYH, 21 October 2004

Boeing 767-304, G-OBYH


Following a normal landing at Amsterdam Airport, scuffing of the tyre and embedded fragments of glass were found during a visual inspection. Subsequent inquiries revealed that four runway lights were damaged near the threshold of Runway 24 at Edinburgh. The two previous sectors for G-OBYH involved a landing on Runway 06 at Edinburgh and a subsequent takeoff on Runway 24. Both these sectors had required a clockwise turn at the threshold of Runway 24. The landing had been in the dark on a wet runway and the exterior inspection carried out prior to the next flight had revealed no indication of any tyre damage. The subsequent takeoff was at dawn and on a dry runway. The commander considered that the damage to the tyre had probably occurred at Edinburgh. He considered that he had made an error of judgement concerning the lateral displacement of the left gear from the edge of the runway during an 180º turn. Contributing factors may have been incorrect seat positioning and/ or head movement.

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Published 10 December 2014