Boeing 767-2Q8, N330LF, 8 November 2006

Boeing 767-2Q8, N330LF


The aircraft was making a ferry flight from Nimes into Filton Aerodrome, Bristol, to be repainted. During taxi after landing, at Filton the right hydraulic system was lost and centre system fluid quantity and pressure indications began to reduce. After reaching the stand it was observed that the left landing gear door was missing and that the hydraulic brake pipes on the landing gear leg had been severely damaged. A large portion of the landing gear door was recovered from the garden of a house in Chippenham, over which the aircraft had flown. Investigation revealed that the door had been released due to the failure of a castellated nut on the bolt associated with the door ‘mid mount’. The door had been installed and rigged immediately prior to the ferry flight.

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Published 10 December 2014