Boeing 757-2Y0, G-FCLK, 19 June 2010

Boeing 757-2Y0, G-FCLK


During takeoff from Runway 01R, coincident with the V1 speed of 156 kt, the aircraft struck a flock of seagulls. The flight crew heard several impacts and were aware that a significant bird strike had occurred. Rotation and initial climb out were normal with no unusual indications. The crew informed Air Traffic Control about the bird strike and also contacted their company operations, who subsequently confirmed that multiple bird remains had been found on the runway at Dalaman. During the climb the crew noticed that vibration levels on the right engine had increased but other engine indications were normal. The aircraft continued to Manchester Airport, its planned destination, where the extent of the damage was discovered. In addition to a cracked nose landing gear light, the light housing was damaged and there were multiple dents on both engine air intake lips; birds had evidently passed through both engines. Significant bird remains were found still adhering to the nose and main landing gear assemblies.

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Published 10 December 2014