Boeing 757-21B, G-LSAI, 7 September 2011

Boeing 757-21B, G-LSAI


Whilst cruising at FL390 the aircraft’s left AC electrical bus lost power, resulting in multiple flight instrument failures. After the flight crew completed the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) drill for loss of power from the left generator, a thin haze of smoke and electrical fumes entered the flight deck. An attempt to power the aircraft’s left AC electrical bus from the APU bus was unsuccessful and the aircraft diverted to Kavala Airport in Greece, where a normal landing was carried out. The source of the electrical fault with the left AC power generation system was traced to a corroded crimp terminal at the D1114J connector at the left pylon bulkhead. The source of the smoke that entered the flight deck was not positively identified.

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Boeing 757-21B G-LSAI 06-12.pdf (343.66 kb)

Published 10 December 2014