Boeing 747-4Q8, G-VHOT, 7 December 2006

Boeing 747-4Q8, G-VHOT


Taking off from London Heathrow, both stick shakers began to operate continuously shortly before V1. The commander elected to continue the takeoff and, after a period of troubleshooting in the air, dumped fuel and returned to land at Heathrow. Maintenance engineers consulted the aircraft BITE (Built-In Test Equipment) and replaced the right-hand ADC (Air Data Computer). The subsequent takeoff proceeded normally until approximately 5 kt before V1, when the stick shakers again began to operate. The commander immediately rejected the takeoff and the aircraft was stopped safely approximately two-thirds of the way along the runway. There was no damage or injury. This report includes a number of Safety Actions implemented by the operator and the aircraft manufacturer.

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Published 10 December 2014