Boeing 747-436, G-CIVY, 28 December 2005

Boeing 747-436, G-CIVY


The aircraft was inbound to London Heathrow Airport when, approaching Strumble Head, the cabin crew reported to the commander that they could smell burning in the area of the first class galley. The commander asked them to check for food deposits around the ovens and prepared for a possible diversion to Cardiff. The flight crew then received a RT UTILITY BUS caption on the EICAS, and reports of mechanical noises from the centre cabin, upon which they took the decision to divert and issued a MAYDAY call. The approach and subsequent landing were uneventful, although the cabin crew continued to report fumes and haze intermittently throughout the descent and throughout the lower deck. It appears that the flight crew had turned-off No.2 air conditioning pack in response to the report of mechanical noises, however after removal of the Air Cycle Machine, no faults were found with this unit. No evidence of electrical or other defects was found upon subsequent investigation, although substantial food deposits were found and removed from the forward galley ovens. This is considered by the maintenance organisation to have been the cause of the reports of smells and hazy smoke

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Published 10 December 2014