Boeing 747-412, B-KAG, 1 March 2008

Boeing 747-412, B-KAG


The aircraft was landing at Manchester Airport on Runway 23R at the end of a scheduled cargo flight from Dubai. There was a strong wind from the north-west and a number of aircraft had earlier diverted to other aerodromes. During final approach, the crew received a windshear warning when the aircraft was at 500 ft agl. They carried out a missed approach and were given radar vectors for another ILS approach. The second approach was described as smoother but still with a strong wind from the north-west, resulting in a crosswind from the right which was close to the operator’s limit for landing this aircraft. During the ensuing touchdown the aircraft rolled right and the No 4 engine nacelle made contact with the runway surface. The aircraft then rolled left and Nos 1 and 2 engine nacelles also made contact with the runway and the No 2 tyre on the left main landing gear burst. There were no abnormal indications on the engine instruments and, after an external safety check by the Airport Firefighting and Rescue Service, the aircraft taxied on to a stand.

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Published 10 December 2014