Boeing 747-132, N481EV, 24 April 2004

Boeing 747-132, N481EV


The aircraft was carrying out a cargo flight from Ramstein in Germany to Wright Field in New York State. Shortly after reaching a cruising level of FL360, the left outboard engine ran down and could not be restarted. It was decided to return to Ramstein and the aircraft descended to FL210 and took up an easterly heading. The crew determined that the three remaining engines were not producing the selected thrust and declared an emergency requesting a diversion to London Heathrow Airport. The aircraft was radar vectored onto the final approach track for Runway 27R and the commander completed a successful approach to a safe landing. Significant thrust was available and used during the final stages of the approach and the aircraft was taxied under its own power. Three safety recommendations were made and one was re-iterated.

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