Boeing 737-8K5, G-FDZR, 25 November 2010

Boeing 737-8K5, G-FDZR


The aircraft made a normal landing on Runway 07 at Newcastle. Initially the deceleration appeared normal but, in the latter stages of the landing run, the deceleration rate reduced despite the application of full manual braking and the aircraft came to a halt with the nosewheel 10 ft beyond the red runway end lights. The runway at Newcastle had been swept and inspected shortly before the incident. There was no reported damage to the aircraft and there were no injuries to its occupants. The aircraft entered the stop way whilst the crew were attempting to bring the aircraft to a halt on Runway 07 at Newcastle because the braking action on the runway was worse than that anticipated by the crew. It is possible, because the depth and type of contaminant on the runway was visually assessed, that there may have been a slight but critical difference between the actual and reported conditions. Additional factors that may have had an adverse effect on the landing distance were that the aircraft touched down beyond the normal touchdown point and that reverse thrust was selected to idle before a safe stop was assured.

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Published 10 December 2014