Boeing 737-8AS,EI-DAP, 26 November 2005

Boeing 737-8AS, EI-DAP


The aircraft had been brought to stop on Stand 4 and the flight crew had started the normal aircraft shutdown checks. A baggage belt vehicle was being manoeuvred towards the front hold of the aircraft and as it approached the aircraft the driver applied the footbrake, however the brake pedal went all the way to the floor without slowing the vehicle. The driver tried, but failed, to grasp the hand brake and the vehicle subsequently struck the fuselage of the aircraft. All the passengers disembarked using the rear stairs and no one was injured as a result of the incident. The incident was caused by a failure in a brake pipe which resulted in a complete loss of brake effectiveness. As a result of the investigation by the Airfield Operations Manager reviews of the maintenance organisation and incident reporting were recommended. The report contains one AAIB Safety Recommendation.

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Published 10 December 2014