Boeing 737-76N, G-STRH, 7 March 2006

Boeing 737-76N, G-STRH


Whilst establishing on the ILS for Runway 09 at Bristol Airport, the flight crew conducted a visual orbit to lose height prior to intercepting the glidepath. During this orbit, which was flown without flight director assistance, the aircraft was subject to a strong southerly wind causing it to roll out with full localiser deflection, north of the ILS centreline. At this point the aircraft was approximately 600 ft below the glidepath and below the minimum radar vectoring altitude; the crew however, were visual with the ground in the vicinity of the airfield. At 3 nm from the runway threshold, having still not re-established on the ILS localiser, the Bristol Airport tower controller instructed the aircraft to go-around. A further radar vectored ILS approach was flown and the aircraft landed from this without incident.

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Published 10 December 2014