Boeing 737-73V, G-EZKG, 11 August 2010

Boeing 737-73V, G-EZKG


During the climb the left BLEED TRIP OFF caution message illuminated. Shortly after completing the associated checklist procedure the right BLEED TRIP OFF caution message illuminated, followed by the cabin altitude rising at a high rate. The CABIN ALTITUDE warning horn sounded during the subsequent descent and an emergency descent was then initiated. The aircraft returned to London Luton Airport at FL080 without further incident. Later the co-pilot stated that he had incorrectly selected the bleed switch OFF instead of the pack switch OFF when he completed the left BLEED TRIP OFF checklist. The right engine bleed was unable to meet the demand from two air conditioning packs and tripped off, resulting in the loss of cabin pressure.

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Published 10 December 2014