Boeing 737-3L9, G-OGBE, 6 February 2009

Boeing 737-3L9, G-OGBE


The aircraft was scheduled to operate a commercial air transport flight from Birmingham to Edinburgh. The weather was poor and the crew had the aircraft de-iced prior to departure. The stabiliser trim was not set at the usual time due to the ongoing de-icing procedure and the ommission was not noticed after start because the crew became preoccupied with the flap setting. G-OGBE started its takeoff run with the incorrect stabiliser trim setting, the first officer was unable to raise the nose at VR and the captain decided to reject the takeoff. The thrust levers were closed at 155 kt and the aircraft stopped without further incident. A number of distractions, combined with unusual demands imposed by the poor weather, led to a break down of normal procedures and allowed a missed action to also go unchecked. Concerns about the weather featured strongly in the captain’s decision to reject the takeoff above V1.

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Published 10 December 2014