Boeing 737-33V, G-EZYN, 22 March 2005

Boeing 737-33V, G-EZYN


During a flight from Nice to Luton, the flight crew experienced progressive abnormal annunciator indications. For some of these there were no procedures in the Quick Reference Handbook. Having determined that these indications were a symptom of a greater electrical problem, including degradation of their flight instruments and loss of protection systems, a PAN call was declared and a diversion to Lyons initiated where an uneventful landing was made. The subsequent investigation revealed that a failure of a contact post had occurred in the R1 relay associated with the Battery Busbar, and that power had been lost from this Busbar in flight. There were no drills published for such a failure on this model of the Boeing 737. With this failure there is a risk that, due to the loss of power to the equipment cooling fans, all attitude information could eventually be lost if power is not switched to an alternate supply. The many different configurations of the electrical system in the Boeing 737-300/400/500 fleet have made it difficult for the manufacturer to produce a generic procedure for this failure, although they have provided information to enable operators to write a procedure for their own aircraft. One safety recommendation is made.

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Published 10 December 2014