Boeing 737-33V, G-EZKA Correction, 28 December 2005

Boeing 737-33V, G-EZKA Correction


Prior to the flight the aircraft was de-iced due to snow accumulation. During a ‘No Engine Bleed Air Takeoff’, in which APU bleed air was in use, fumes and smoke entered the cockpit and cabin causing some passengers to suffer from eye and throat irritation. After isolating the APU bleed air and selecting engine bleed air the fumes dissipated. The aircraft returned to Newcastle and the passengers were offered medical attention. The fumes were as a result of de-icing fluid entering the APU air inlet during the initial climb out.

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Boeing 737-73V, G-EZKA Corr 05-06.pdf (361.03 kb)

Published 10 December 2014