Boeing 737-301SF, OO-TND, 15 June 2006

S5/2006 Boeing 737-301SF, OO-TND


After an uneventful cargo flight from Liege, Belgium, with two flight crew on board, the aircraft entered a holding pattern, as the weather at its planned destination of Stansted precluded making an approach. Approximately 30 minutes later, the commander initiated a diversion to Nottingham East Midlands airport, where the weather conditions required the crew to plan and conduct a Category IIIA approach to Runway 27. In the late stages of this approach, the autopilot momentarily disengaged and re-engaged, and the aircraft deviated from both the glideslope and localiser. It landed heavily on a grass area to the left of the runway threshold, whereupon the right main landing gear detached from the aircraft. After scraping the right engine, outer flap track fairing and right wing tip on the ground, the aircraft became airborne again and made an emergency diversion to Birmingham Airport. The aircraft landed on Runway 33 on its nose and left landing gears, and the right engine. There were no injuries or fire.

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Published 10 December 2014