BN2A MK.III-2 Trislander, G-BDTO, 27 March 2012

BN2A MK.III-2 Trislander, G-BDTO


The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from Alderney Airport, Channel Islands to Southampton International Airport. Shortly after levelling in the cruise, the pilot heard a “very loud bang” and the aircraft experienced severe vibration, which the pilot subsequently identified as a failure of the No 2 tail-mounted engine. The propeller of the inoperative engine could not initially be feathered, and the pilot was unable to maintain altitude, so he declared an emergency. The propeller blades eventually moved to the feather position and the pilot performed an uneventful landing back at Alderney Airport. The No 2 cylinder on the No 2 engine was subsequently found to have released from the crankcase. Two Safety Recommendations have been made.

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BN2A MK.III-2 Trislander G-BDTO 04-13.pdf (3,883.00 kb)

Published 10 December 2014