BFC Challenger II, G-MZAC, 24 July 2013

BFC Challenger II, G-MZAC


After a local flight in fine conditions, the pilot flew a glide approach to the 500 m grass airstrip, which was orientated 09/27. The surface wind was southerly at 8 kt, with gusts to 14 kt, and the pilot approached in a westerly direction. At the flare, the aircraft “ballooned” 3 or 4 ft above the ground and the pilot decided to fly a go-around. However, before he could do so, the aircraft dropped to the ground in a flat attitude, still in a crabbed condition due to the crosswind. The pilot established directional control through the rudder pedals and completed the landing roll. However, whilst taxiing back along the airstrip, the aircraft stopped responding to rudder pedal inputs and veered to the right (a southerly direction) onto unprepared ground beside the runway. The aircraft was subsequently found to have suffered a fractured nose leg and bent nosewheel steering rods.

The pilot thought that his delay in executing a go-around had been a contributory factor. He attributed this to his concern over possible adverse pitch effects from the high-mounted pusher engine and a lack of practice on go-around manoeuvres in this aircraft type.

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Published 10 December 2014