BFC Challenger II Challenger, G-MYOZ, 1 November 2011

BFC Challenger II Challenger, G-MYOZ


Whilst at about 650 ft in a left-hand circuit, a few minutes after taking off from Runway 28, the pilot reported that the engine lost power. After deciding that it was not possible to return to Runway 28, the pilot elected to land on Runway 10. The surface wind was stated to be 180º at 12 kt. At approximately 20 ft aal, the pilot reported that the “into-wind wing was suddenly forced downwards which could not be corrected”. The right wingtip contacted the runway and the aircraft tipped onto its nose.

The pilot assessed that a possible cause of the loss of engine power was carburettor icing. The reported local weather conditions, when referenced against the Civil Aviation Authority’s Carburettor Icing Prediction Chart, published in Safety Sense Leaflet No 14, indicated that serious carburettor icing could occur at any power setting.

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Published 10 December 2014