Beech H35 (Modified) Bonanza, G-ASJL, 10 June 2008

Beech H35 (Modified) Bonanza, G-ASJL


Following a normal touchdown, the aircraft was approximately halfway along the runway during the roll-out when, without warning, the landing gear collapsed. The aircraft slewed to the left and came to a halt, blocking the runway. The pilot turned off the fuel and electrical services and both occupants vacated the aircraft without injury. The pilot reflected that it was possible he had inadvertently selected the landing gear switch to UP, having intended to retract the flaps. The aircraft was equipped with a weight-on-wheels microswitch that should have prevented landing gear retraction; however, it is considered that the slightly undulating nature of the runway may have caused the microswitch to open at some point during the roll-out, allowing the gear to retract.

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Published 10 December 2014