Beech F33 Bonanza, G-BGSW, 19 October 2004

Beech Bonanza, G-BGSW


Shortly after departure from Blackbushe Airport on a flight to Bournemouth, the aircraft reportedly lost all electrical power. The pilot contacted Blackbushe Airport via mobile telephone and advised them of his intention to route North to Wellesbourne Mountford, an airport that he was familiar with. The weather conditions then deteriorated, with rain and visual conditions below VFR limits. The pilot then contacted Farnborough ATC by mobile telephone, and with their assistance, was able to identify Abingdon Airfield, where he planned to make a precautionary landing. The landing gear was lowered manually, but being unable to assess if the gear was fully down, the pilot opted to perform an engine-off landing. The engine was shut down and the fuel selected off when over the runway threshold. Although the aircraft landed gently, the landing gear failed to support it. The pilot maintained the aircraft on the runway centreline and it came to a safe halt, with no injuries to the two occupants. The electrical and landing gear systems operated satisfactorily when checked prior to the aircraft being recovered.

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Published 10 December 2014