Beech B200 King Air, G-PCOP, 28 March 2006

Beech B200 King Air, G-PCOP


After takeoff and whilst in IMC, the commander noticed a gradual and progressive loss of information on his flight instruments; this was followed by a loss of radio communications and the commander concluded that the aircraft had suffered a major avionics failure. When ATC became aware of the loss of communications, they arranged for an RAF Tornado aircraft to intercept G-PCOP. While attempting to guide the aircraft below cloud, the RAF crew saw it enter cloud in an apparently uncontrolled fashion and they transmitted a ‘MAYDAY RELAY’ message. However G-PCOP re-appeared from the cloud. Eventually G-PCOP descended to VMC below cloud and landed at RAF Leuchars. On the ground, with an electrical source attached to the aircraft, the instruments and radios worked correctly. After inspection, the aircraft was ferried by another pilot to Blackbushe the next day for further examination. On arrival at Blackbushe, inspection revealed damage to the outer wing skins and wing leading edges. The damage to the aircraft was characteristic of it having been subjected to abnormally high flight loads and the outer wing panels had to be replaced. Despite extensive investigation, no defects were found with the electrical generation and distribution systems of the aircraft. Recommendations were made relating to information in the Airplane Flight Manual and to the certification standards of the aircraft.

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Published 10 December 2014