Beech 76 Duchess, G-WACJ, 10 July 2011

Beech 76 Duchess, G-WACJ


The student and instructor had completed several Engine Failure After Takeoff (EFATO) drills in the local area (these drills involved raising the flaps and the landing gear immediately after selecting full power to climb away). They then returned to Wycombe to complete a few circuits.

The instructor recalled checking for “three greens” on the final approach for a touch-and-go. The aircraft touched down normally and the student then applied full power. As the aircraft accelerated the nose started to drop and the instructor thought that the nose gear had collapsed. He took control, shut down the engines and electrics and the aircraft slid to a halt on the runway. There were no injuries. The instructor subsequently noticed that the gear lever was in the up position. He believes that the student had inadvertently raised the gear immediately after selecting full power; this being the sequence of actions performed earlier in the flight during the EFATO drills.

As a result of this accident the training centre has initiated a safety review of touch-and-go exercises.

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